We wrote this for people seeking mental health help who get stuck, don't get better, or even feel discarded by a broken system. The book delivers concrete advice to move forward, fill gaps in your care, work the system, and fast track recovery.

We finished writing in late 2019. Then COVID-19 hit.

Demand for mental health care skyrocketed. Longer waits for short phone visits with family doctors became the norm. Healing gave way to fighting fires. Forget seeing a psychiatrist. Our strained mental health system was overrun. People are hurting. We're all running flat out but falling even further behind.

More than ever, you need to take an active role in your mental health care. We're posting this online to give you the essential tools to do exactly that.

Dr. Pauline Lysak (psychiatrist) and Mark Roseman
Victoria BC, April 2021

While you can read it for free online, there are conditions on sharing it with others (see below).
You can also still purchase copies in paperback or e-book (PDF, Kindle, Kobo, etc.).